Winter Migration Starts Now! (July 17th: SemiPalmated Sandpiper Video)

Let the winter migration begin!

Although it is only July 17th, when you’re a shorebird that breeds in the Arctic, and winters in South America, it makes sense to already be migrating! Video of SemiPalmated Sandpipers taken this morning. After any big rain the recreation fields at the end of Park Point in Duluth become muck flats / feeding grounds for migrating shore birds. Found a flock of SemiPalmated Sandpipers feeding this morning.

One Sandpiper!
Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-SemiPalmated-Sandpiper-Single-1 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-SemiPalmated-Sandpiper-Single-2-Feeding Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-SemiPalmated-Sandpiper-Single-3-Water-Drop

Two Sandpipers!
Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-SemiPalmated-Sandpiper-Pair-1 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-SemiPalmated-Sandpiper-Pair-2 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-SemiPalmated-Sandpiper-Pair-3

A Whole Bunch of Sandpipers
Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-SemiPalmated-Sandpiper-Flock-2 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-SemiPalmated-Sandpiper-Flock-1 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-SemiPalmated-Sandpiper-Flock-4 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-SemiPalmated-Sandpiper-Flock-3

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