Backyard Visitors: From Fluffy to Mr. Bear!

The back yard … how many of you spend time birding your own yard? This morning while I was away stalking a Red Fox and American Golden Plovers, my wife returned from her morning run. Molly is NOT a birder, but when she got back to our house, Fluffy was sitting on our deck and waiting for her! (Golden Crowned Kinglet). She thought Fluffy was cute  and took some photos!

Two nights ago Mr. Bear raided our feeders. This attack was just one of many over the past several days. In all four bird feeders have been damaged (two repaired). Only the damaged feeders now are out till Mr. Bear decides to hibernate. Even my wife thinks watching Mr. Bear is cool.

In short, do you spend time birding your own yard. The results can be amazing. Finally, browse over to my wife’s blog. While not a birder, she does write for Lake Superior Magazine. Her blog is Superior Footprints (as in Lake Superior).


y3-m10-amity-fluufy-golden-crowned-kinglet-2 y3-m10-amity-fluufy-golden-crowned-kinglet-1

Mr. Bear!


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