Snow Buntings!

The snow buntings, the last large migration of birds from the Arctic region, are starting to work their way into the Duluth region. Yesterday, a bit north of town, I saw a flock of over 250 buntings. Thus, this afternoon I went down to Park Point which creates the Duluth Harbor and searched for a smaller flock. As these birds spook very easily, it is impossible to get near large flocks. Thankfully I found a small group of six birds, and so very carefully worked my way close to their afternoon feed. This small bird is almost pure white in the Summer while mating, and still quite pretty in its winter plumage. Learn more via Cornell.

Afternoon Feed!
y3-m11-park-point-snow-buntings-4 y3-m11-park-point-snow-buntings-5

Looking for Danger … Above and Around!
y3-m11-park-point-snow-buntings-3 y3-m11-park-point-snow-buntings-1


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