Barred Owl Hunting (video)

This post could have also been titled:

  • Dumb Luck Birding
  • Barred Owl takes me over the Top!

The title “dumb luck birding” would have been appropriate as this owl showed up around noon, and was still hunting next to my house just before sunset. While I don’t bait owls, the spillage from my feeders attracts lots of squirrels, mice and voles. Owls understand this fact. The image accompanying this post was taken from my dining room as I sipped on a glass of Chardonnay! Thus … dumb luck birding!

The title “Barred Owl takes me over the Top” would have been appropriate as with this post my blog, 365DaysOfBirds will achieve 100,000 lifetime views (a period of almost exactly three years). When I started this blog I never dreamed how popular it would become.

Thus … the Bird of the Day is a Barred Owl, which is actually the second owl to today for me. At sunrise I watched a Great Gray Owl silhouetted against the pre-dawn orange sky. However, in that instance not only was i NOT in my dining room, but I was birding in -5F degree weather!

Here is a video from earlier this afternoon during one the owls hunts.

One thought on “Barred Owl Hunting (video)

  1. I’ve never seen a Barred Owl before, just pictures. Loved the video. Only owls so far I’ve seen is the Saw-Whet, Snowy, and Great Horned..Love Owls.

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