Sing Out for Spring! (videos)

After my failed red-throated loon quest in the Port Washington area of Lake Michigan, I returned to my cold Northland along the shores of Lake Superior. In between birding outings I took a bike ride along the shore … 35F, snow flurries, and a 20 mph wind out of the Northeast. Twas an ugly cold bicycle ride.

Thankfully my birding excursions yesterday to some of my favorite wetlands were much more favorable. Both the Roy T. Johnson Wetlands (near Cloverland, Wisconsin), and the MacQuarrie Wetlands (near Wrenshall, Minnesota) by virtue of their locations relative to Lake Superior are way ahead of birding habitat north of the big lake (read cold with little signs of Spring in evidence).

In addition to both lots of Meadowlarks and Wilson’s Snipes singing out for mates, I saw two big migration events. At MacQuarrie yesterday afternoon when the sun finally came out, I found a flock of 500+ Scaups resting on their northward migration, and a few minutes later 1,000+ tree swallows swarmed the air directly above my head as they fed in the late afternoon sun above one of the wetland ponds.


Wilson’s Snipe


2 thoughts on “Sing Out for Spring! (videos)

  1. Richard, we will be in Duluth the weekend of June 24 and 25. Let me know if you have time to get together. Keep up the great postings and images. Your work inspires me. Marlen

    1. Marlen … will respond to you privately, but wanted to post this “public” response to insure folks know I enjoy meeting fellow birders and hosting them on excursions around the Northland to some of my favorite hotspots.

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