Northern Magic 2018 Payment Options

This web page gives your payment options for this year’s calendar, Northern Magic 2018. Your options are:

  • Pay via PayPal (use any major credit card … no PayPal account required)
  • Pay using personal check

If you wish to use PayPal, select “each” of the appropriate buttons given below. Many people also wanted to purchase Susan Larson Kidd’s and my new children’s book: But That Is Not Me!

If you wish to pay by personal check, send me another email stating that intention. In that email you must provide me your shipping address. Your check should be for $15 multiplied by the number of calendars requested! If you are requesting any books, add the cost of each book requested ($12 per book). There are NO additional charges for anything. Send your check to:

  • Richard Hoeg
  • 327 Occidental Blvd
  • Duluth, Minnesota 55804

If there are any issues, or you need help with your order, my cell phone number and email address are:

  • 218-409-7885

Please note this web page is NOT a public page on my blog. By intention you will not find it linked anywhere. The calendars and books are ready to ship immediately. Both payment options request your shipping address.

PayPal Payment Buttons (only use if not sending a personal check)

2018 Northern Magic PayPal Payment

But That Is Not Me PayPal Payment