Day 101: An Early Morning Tee Off Time is for the Birds!

It’s May 3rd, and the ponds on Lester Park Golf Course in Duluth, Minnesota are finally mostly ice free! Thus, shortly after dawn I walked over to the course and investigated what ducks and other birds might be interested in paying their greens fees. It was a fun morning, made all the better by breaks in the clouds and having sunshine appear. For over a week our prevailing weather pattern has been snow, rain, sleet and 35 to 40 mph winds.

This morning’s foursome includes:

  • Mr Bufflehead … the photo bomber (wanted to be in the photos)
  • Greater Yellowlegs Snipe … a new species for me!
  • Pied-Billed Grebe
  • Blue-Winged Teals

Hopefully this means more birds will finally be returning north. It’s about time some warblers made an appearance in the northwoods.

Photo Bombing Bufflehead (with Blue-Winged Teals & Pied-Billed Grebe)
101-Birds-365-Blue-Winged-Teals-and-Bufflehead 101-Birds-365-Pied-Billed-Grebe-and-Bufflehead


Greater Yellowlegs Snipe
101-Birds-365-Wilsons-Snipe-Calling 101-Birds-365-Wilsons-Snipe-Pond


Pied-Billed Grebe (splashes courtesy of Mr. Bufflehead takeoff)


Blue-Winged Teals


Mr. Bufflehead


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