Day 138: Killdeer Family Photos

While exploring an old wharf in West Duluth that is now a combination of wetlands, woods and meadows, I spied a killdeer. I have always had a soft spot for these birds, and was surprised when this Killdeer would let me get so close. In a few minutes when the bird started squawking and doing its best broken wing routine, I realized there had to be a nest near by. A quick survey of the surrounding area confirmed the presence of a mother bird and chicks.

After taking some photographs, I returned to my car as to not upset the birds. Once I was in my car they did not seem to mind my presence, and walked very close to the car. However, when other birds including another killdeer got to close, they immediately attacked. It was a fun morning’s hike.

I first spy the killdeer … amazed how close I am able to get
138-Birds-365-Killdeer-Family-3-Parent 138-Birds-365-Killdeer-Family-4-Parent


The killdeer tries to get my attention … uses the fake broken wing to lure me away
138-Birds-365-Killdeer-Family-1-Deception 138-Birds-365-Killdeer-Family-2-Deception


Meet the killdeer family
138-Birds-365-Killdeer-Family-5-Parent-Chick 138-Birds-365-Killdeer-Family-6-Chick 138-Birds-365-Killdeer-Family-7-Chicks


Another killdeer, not from this family, about to be driven off

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