Days 158 to 161: The Birds of NorthStar Lake (pt. 1)

Our family is “up north” for the fourth of July week. For folks from parts south, hearing someone who already lives in northern Minnesota talking about going “up north” may seem strange. After all, don’t I already live farther north than 99% of the population in the USA?! Everything is relative, and the Hoeg’s are enjoying time on NorthStar Lake. From our lake, one can actually canoe “downstream” to Hudson’s Bay.

In addition to my bird photos, while out kayaking shortly after dawn the second day, I realized I was being watched! The otter family was out for a morning fish, and wondered who the strange beast was in the red kayak!

This post is just “part one” of our trip. Midweek we will take a jaunt up into Canada and spend time on Rainy Lake before returning to Northstar.

Day #158: Common Loon157-D1-Northstar-A_wm


Day #1589 Common Loon


Day #159: The Otter family checks me out!


Day #160: Eastern Kingbird nesting in our cabin’s eaves


Day #161: Sunrise over NorthStar Lake


Day #161: Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

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