Day 169: Attack of the Kingbirds at the Heron Rookery

My goal today was to hike into the forest and through a swamp to a great blue heron rookery. I have wanted to visit this rookery again, but the bugs have been horrible and have forced me to give up the hike multiple times. However, arriving around 8 am this morning I limited the number of mosquitoes and flies, and survived the hike w/o too many hundreds of bites. It was well worth the effort. The surprise was that in addition to the great blue herons I was privileged to watch to eastern kingbirds attack a mother osprey on her nest. This attack surprised me. I expected blackbirds or jays to attack the osprey, but not kingbirds.

Hiking into the Rookery


The path was very wet, perfect for wild purple irises


The Great Blue Herons at the Rookery
168-Birds-365-Heron-Rookery-1 168-Birds-365-Heron-Rookery-2


Attack of the Eastern Kingbirds on the Osprey

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