Days 175 and 176: Hanging Out at the Swamp

I found a new swamp! Most people might not consider this a neat event, but this swamp may be easily accessed via a remote dirt road. I can even hang out in the car, safe from the mosquitoes, while I watch for birding action. Sweet!

For the past two days I have been hoping that the kingfisher which also “hangs out” at this particular swamp would come hunt on my side of the pond. No luck so far, just long distance photos. It appears as if this swamp will become a new best birding friend of mine!

Day 175: Eastern Kingbird and Kingfisher
175-Birds-365-Eastern-Kingbird-1 175-Birds-365-Eastern-Kingbird-2 175-Birds-365-Kingfisher


Day 176: Common Yellowthroat

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