Day 207: The Peregrines of Palisade Head

My continuing series of “Duck for Breakfast“!

Starting at 5:30 am this morning I took a 50 mile bike ride along the North Shore of Lake Superior and inland (hwy #1 up to Finland, and then a sweeping downhill via Lax Lake Rd to Beaver Bay). Near Palisade Head around 6:45 am I heard some incredible screeching. Recognizing the sound as a bird of prey which had just made a kill, I got off my bike to investigate. After walking about 15 yards down a path I suddenly found the peregrine falcon family. The two kids were feasting merrily away on a mallard. The parent was up in a tree surveying me and the scene. I was careful to monitor the parent for signals I was too close. I did not want to get dive bombed at 200 mph by an angry peregrine falcon!

I like to start my rides early because one always sees much more wildlife. Scenic 61 was deserted on an early Sunday morning … my own private bike lane!

The peregrine falcon kids feasting
207-Birds-365-peregrine-falcon-3 207-Birds-365-peregrine-falcon-2 207-Birds-365-peregrine-falcon-1 207-Birds-365-peregrine-falcon-4


The parent peregrine falcon surveys the scene


The hungriest peregrine falcon chick continues to eat
207-Birds-365-peregrine-falcon-7 207-Birds-365-peregrine-falcon-5

3 thoughts on “Day 207: The Peregrines of Palisade Head

  1. Saw a pair of perigrine Falcons today on the trail at Silver Cliff. In addition, just a few minutes later a boulder came tumbling down(no connection iof course with the Falcons.

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