Day 215: Just Another Day in Duluth!

Today’s photos are from one twenty-four hour period in Duluth, Minnesota. The day started in the wee hours of the morning as I photographed a thunderstorm leaving the area out over Lake Superior. After a few hours of sleep, I resumed my photographic journeys by capturing this kingfishers and goldfinch, but wait … there’s more! A trip up to Enger Tower yielded these classic Duluth views!

I hope these photographs start to explain why Duluth was just voted #1 outdoor town in American by Outside Magazine. My hometown, I think I will keep it!

Fire Storm Over Lake Superior
215-Birds-365-Lake-Superior-Fire-Storm-A 215-Birds-365-Lake-Superior-Fire-Storm-B


American Goldfinch vs Bee


Belted Kingfisher


Duluth Vistas
215-Birds-365-Duluth-Harbor-Skyline 215-Birds-365-Saltie-3-PE 215-Birds-365-Saltie-2-PE

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