Day 327: A Trip into the Wilderness

Pastor Greg and I drove north of Two Harbors, Minnesota to enjoy the deep forest. Our wet, foggy weather broke last night. Four new inches of snow fell in the Northwoods, and encrusted all the pines and deciduous trees.

Pine Grosbeaks near Sand River in the Superior National Forest – two males get some gravel for their gizzard while a female eats a pine seed lunch
327-Birds-365-Pine-Grosbeak-Males-1 327-Birds-365-Pine-Grosbeak-Female


Red-Bellied Woodpecker upon returning home

One thought on “Day 327: A Trip into the Wilderness

  1. Very cool! Thanks for stopping by the blog and levnaig a comment. We LOVED our visit at Hillside and look forward to making a return visit in the near future. We make the move in late July. My wife is also going to school and wants to go into a family practice-type situation. You guys might be a good information resource to us as we start this journey. Can I ask what you do at home (for work)? I’m looking at options in that regard.

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