Days 332 to 334: Birds in the Gloom

Including today, here in northern Minnesota we have had 18 straight days of clouds (a tiny bit of sun briefly at dawn on the 3rd day), more often with rain, snow and/or fog. If the sun EVER reappears I will be ready. I have visited this Snowy Owl featured in today’s post multiple times over the past few weeks, and have learned many of its hunting perches. I am Just waiting for decent light to try some flight / hunting photos. My friend, the snowy, did not appear to happy with today’s weather … snow, rain and winds gusting to almost 30 mph.

Yesterday’s conditions (day #331) were even worse from a photographic vantage point. The weather include heavy snow, and dense fog. My photo gives you an idea of how my forest world appears right now.

Day 332: Snowy Owl in the Rain


Day 333: Common Redpoll and Pine Siskins During a Heavy Snow
333-Birds-365-Common-Redpoll 333-Birds-365-Pine-Siskins


Day 334: Snowy Owl Reprise (and some waterfront Mallards)



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