Day 338: Northern Hawk Owl

The sun finally returned to the Northwoods, and I was treated to a special sight! While driving in the countryside north of Duluth on the way to refill my public feeders on Old Vermilion Trail, I saw my first Northern Hawk Owl of the winter. These birds come south to enjoy our “warm” Minnesota winters!

In the second to last photograph, the owl which is enjoying the nice warm rays of sunshine while preening, is attacked my a songbird!

Northern Hawk Owl
338-Birds-365-Hawk-Owl-1 338-Birds-365-Hawk-Owl-2 338-Birds-365-Hawk-Owl-3 338-Birds-365-Hawk-Owl-4 338-Birds-365-Hawk-Owl-5 338-Birds-365-Hawk-Owl-6 338-Birds-365-Hawk-Owl-7

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