Day 365: One Year of Bird Photos Complete!

Finished! The journey which started on my wife’s birthday last year is complete. For 365 days I have taken a photo of a bird every day. I never imagined the commitment and difficulties this project would entail. However, in addition to seeing some beautiful birds and capturing the image with my camera, I made lots of new friends and learned about photography. In the days I ahead I will blog about my learnings, but for the moment I want to just relax and enjoy the moment. My bird photography and posts will definitely continue on this site.

Although the weather has been quite gloomy as of late in northern Minnesota, I caught a break with bright clouds in the morning, and blue skies in the afternoon. I actually was out from before dawn to past dusk. Here are the days efforts.

Day #365 … A Northern Woodsman’s Photographic Journey

Early Morning: Roadkill Cafe: Bald Eagles


Mid-Morning Snacks: Evening Grosbeak, Blue Jay, Grey Jay, Goldfinch
365-Birds-365-Evening-Grosbeak 365-Birds-365-Blue-Jay 365-Birds-365-Grey-Jay 365-Birds-365-Gold-Finch


Owly Afternoon: Northern Hawk Owl and Snowy Owl
365-Birds-365-Northern-Hawk-Owl 365-Birds-365-Snowy-Talons


Lake Superior Sunset: Wisconsin Point Lighthouse


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  1. I have only been viewing your posts for the last couple of months, but have enjoyed them immensely. Thanks for sharing your journey and all those great bird photos.

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