Year 2: Dad’s Owls (in memory of Dwight Hoeg)

Early this morning I lost my Dad. These are his owls … today’s birds of the day. Over the course of my photography project as his health declined, I enjoyed sharing my photos with Dad. He not only gave me the gift of life, but so very much more.

Dwight Hoeg grew up on a farm in Iowa. During World War II he joined the United States Navy. Courtesy of the USN and my Grandparents, he attended Harvard Medical School and became a doctor. During the Korean War he served as a front line doctor for the United States Marine Corps, and was the second person all American POW’s saw upon being released by the North Koreans. The first person was a general, then my Dad did medical triage.

After leaving the Navy, he moved to Duluth, Minnesota with my Mom (Janet Hoeg). In Duluth he practiced small town medicine, but with a state of the art approach. During his career he was Chairman of the Board of both the Duluth Clinic and St. Mary’s Hospital … all now part of Essentia Health.

Duluth was (and still is) a great place for me and my brothers to grow up. The family has grown and Dad lives on through his sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Dad’s Owls


After a long day of taking care of funeral and end of life details, I had the opportunity to go birding. I found two snowy owls at dusk. Dad would have liked this bird.

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