Year 2: Everybody Loves Peanut Butter!

Who does not like peanut and jelly? It’s all American after all … even for Boreal Chickadees down from Canada! A trip to the Sax-Zim bog today yielded two new species for me:

  • Boreal Chickadee
  • Sharp Tailed Hawk

As you can see, this Boreal Chickadee was enjoying the all American food near the Admiral Road feeders! In addition I did NOT take any owl photos today. I tried both at sunrise and sunset. The colors in the sky were gorgeous, and I found four different owls, but none of them were kind enough to pose with the crimson skies in the background. Bummer!

Boreal Chickadee
Year-2-Boreal-Chickadee-1 Year-2-Boreal-Chickadee-2


Sharp Tailed Grouse


Sunrise at Kelly J’s (no owls!)

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