The Aurora Hunter’s Wife! (Yr. 2: Day 56)

My wife, Molly, is a freelance writer for Lake Superior Magazine, and maintains her own blog. This morning she posted a story about the life of an aurora hunters spouse. Sound familiar for any of you?! LOL! I think she could have just as easily written the entire same article about birding! Here is an excerpt from her article … as well as the link to the full content:

I’ve gotten used to living with an Aurora Hunter.  The constant monitoring of atmospheric indicators.  The blips and beeps that go off night and day from apps informing him of favorable conditions.  Flinging around mysterious terms like Kp index, solar wind speed, Bz and coronal mass ejection.  And the nocturnal trips out into the dark and cold.  All in search of Northern Lights. (read full article on Molly’s blog, Superior Footprints)

Molly was a good sport, and she went Aurora chasing with me on my second straight night out watching the Northern Lights. Here are two photos from last night, with Molly: (see my prior’s night’s efforts when the Aurora display was even more awe inspiring)

Northern-Lights-Little-Stone-Lake-3 Northern-Lights-Little-Stone-Lake-1


Oh yes … I still went birding after a nap … found this American Black Duck duo!

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