Spring North Bike Tour: The Texas Eagle & Friends!

This is the second bike tour where we have used Amtrak to help us bicycle routes in one direction. Both Molly and I have become Amtrak converts. While one gets to a destination slower than on an airplane, the process and staff are most enjoyable. For this trip we rode the Texas Eagle from St. Louis to Dallas. The train’s full route is from Chicago to San Antonio. Our big change this time was to get a sleeper. Given we were on the train from 8 pm till noon on the following day, we decided sleeping in a bed as opposed to sitting up was preferable. Surprisingly the cost was very reasonable. Instead of paying $200 for the two of us, our trip now cost $365 in total. The additional $165 netted us beds with fresh clean linen and meals included (dinner and breakfast). Finally, Amtrak charged only $20 for the bikes, and unlike the airlines, the bikes and boxes themselves were well treated during the cargo handling process.

Our time in St. Louis was fun some birding time in a park just outside of town. Having never seen a red-headed woodpecker in my life, it was neat to find this “woody woodpecker” snacking on wild hickory nuts for an afternoon snack. Euell Gibbons of Grapenuts fame would have been pleaseD. Also saw a flock a blue teals taking a rest on their migration north.

We start our bike tour on Monday after spending Easter Weekend with my brother-in-law and his wife. Finally, saw our first Texas Bluebonnets today!

My Lifer! A Red-Headed WoodpeckerWoodpecker



The Blue Winged Teals



Molly getting on the Texas Eagle!


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