Boats, not Birds!

One of the treats that comes with living up here in the Northland is the world is a beautiful explosion of color and scenery. As much dawn’s early light will often find me chasing brightly colored birds that are enhanced by the shadows and nuances of the golden hour, Lake Superior often pulls me down to her shore before sunrise.

Such was the case yesterday. Awakening at 4:15 am I glanced out the window. Some scattered storm clouds were moving off to the east. Although still half asleep, I jumped out of bed, threw on shorts and a t-shirt (plus a sweater … this is Lake Superior land after all!) and drove down to Canal Park in Duluth.

I took this photo while dawn’s early light was just being hinted. The sun would not come up for some time yet. I like the resulting image; hope you do also!

Twilight Storm Rise!

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