Trumpeter Swan Family Portrait!

Molly and I are doing a short three day bike tour along the Wisconsin River. It is a scenic byway, and it lived up to its scenic name. Today’s 61 mile ride took us along some beautiful backwaters, and also included a climb up through a scenic small River valley. This area is unique as the glaciers did not scour the land, and thus it is quite hilly … except right next to the river where we were bicycling most of the time.

At one point Molly yelled for me to stop. She had spotted a Trumpeter Swan family in the wetlands right next to the highway. As noted previously, I always bike with my camera and monopod. That preparation was rewarded today!

Trumpeter-Swan-Family-01-edited-01_wm Trumpeter-Swan-Family-02-edited-01_wm Trumpeter-Swan-Family-03-edited_wm

One thought on “Trumpeter Swan Family Portrait!

  1. Beautiful images. My three year old grandson enjoys learning to identify birds so these will be shared with him as well. Thank you!

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