The Lazarus Camera! Great Blue Heron Food Fight!

The Lazarus Camera! Those of you who saw my post yesterday afternoon will appreciate the title. The rice did the trick!

Parents, ever had a day like the one experienced by this Great Blue Heron?! The kids show no table manners and fight over food!

This morning I hiked in to a Great Blue Heron Rookery. Unlike yesterday, I did not get caught in a downpour / thunderstorm. I did hike through underbrush, wade through knee deep water, and ultimately picking a number of woodticks off me, but it was worth it! The swamp / marsh is a great place this time of year … just be prepared for bugs!

Food Fight!


And the Winner!


The Scene!


Patiently Waiting for Mom or Dad


Meanwhile elsewhere in the swamp … an Osprey and Ring Necked Ducks
Y2-M06-Osprey Y2-M06-Ring-Necked-Duck

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