Fledged in Northern Minnesota (yr 2, mth 7)

I hear many folks talk about how July is a horrible month for birding opportunities. Not true. While the unexpected jackpot finds during the spring and fall migrations are not possible, and the leaves block the view of birds you hear but can not see … July is a great month for birding. Think young! In other words, find the nests and the fledglings and you will be treated to neat views. Young birds have often not learned to be scared of us humans, and their parents are often so busy feeding their offspring who are almost their own size, that the adult birds sometimes lose a bit of their wariness.

The images below were taken over the course of the past week of fledglings. In short, get out there and enjoy the July heat!

Eastern Phoebe Family
Y2-M07-Eastern-Phoebe-5-Pine-Branches-Frame Y2-M07-Eastern-Phoebe-4 Y2-M07-Eastern-Phoebe-3 Y2-M07-Eastern-Phoebe-6-Tag-Your-It Y2-M07-Eastern-Phoebe-7-Tag-Your-It Y2-M07-Eastern-Phoebe-1 Y2-M07-Eastern-Phoebe-2


Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker Kid


Rescued Crow on an Early Morning Kayak
Y2-M07-Crow-Rescue-01 Y2-M07-Crow-Rescue-02c Y2-M07-Crow-Rescue-03-Horizon


Belted Kingfisher


Common Yellowthroat
Y2-M07-Common-Yellow-Throat-Female-Ambush Y2-M07-Common-Yellow-Throat-Female-Flowers

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