Birding Duluth’s Industrial Past

Let the fall migration begin! While one might not expect to find beautiful birding areas in the old industrial heartland of West Duluth, this is in fact exactly what one will find … gorgeous areas where one may spend hours without being disturbed by another human.

This morning I found two flocks of Least Sandpipers out at the end of the abandoned pier off Waseca Industrial Blvd Rd. In addition there were lots of warblers, cedar waxwings, and hummingbirds present. Better yet, the hike out to the end of the pier is a wildflower lover’s dream. Just park in the “ugly” abandoned pier; walk across a mucky connector path, and then you will hike amongst grass and wildflowers often over six feet tall! Take a look at the “map” for more directions, but follow the old tire ruts. It will lead you ultimately up into a grove of trees and to the end of the pier. Don’t miss checking out the opening in the grove of trees at the end of the pier … lots of wildflowers, milkweed,  and berry producing trees. The birds love this spot.

Least Sandpipers … first fall migrants … off to Central and South American
Y2-M08-Least-Sandpipers-Trio-b Y2-M08-Least-Sandpipers-Duo-3


Directions to the Abandoned Pier

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