North Shore Migration Starting Now!

The migration of birds along the North Shore of Lake Superior is starting to perk up. The last few days have seen strong westerly wings and thunderstorms which have pushed birds against the big lake. Most of our feathered friends do not like to fly across the large expanse of open water, and therefore work their way along the shore (or just inland) after having the prevailing winds push them against the lake.

Apparently yesterday evening large numbers of nighthawks were migrating along Brighton Beach. Although I missed that sight, I worked areas inland from Lake Superior from Little Marais south to Duluth including the Beaver Bay Sewage Treatment Ponds. The septic treatment ponds were full of late migrating shorebirds, swallows, and mallards. The hawk migration is now starting and time spent looking out over pastures yielded the sight of many hawks hunting in the late afternoon. Over the weeks ahead, this trek south should get better and better!

An American Kestrel (photo taken from a great distance)


Night  Time Thunderstorm at Canal Park


Wind Blown Tree Swallows at Beaver River


Stilt Sandpipers at Beaver River
Y2-M08-Stilt-Sandpiper-2 Y2-M08-Least-Sandpiper-1 Y2-M08-Stilt-Sandpiper-3


Two Different Broad Winged Hawks
Y2-M08-Broad-Winged-Hawk-3 Y2-M08-Broad-Winged-Hawk-1 Y2-M08-Broad-Winged-Hawk-2

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