Magical Night at Crisp Point Lighthouse

My wife and I just finished our gig as lighthouse keepers on a remote stretch of Lake Superior shoreline near Whitefish Point. Crisp Point Lighthouse may only be accessed via a 19 mile long dirt road, and is 40 miles from the nearest town. In short, it is very remote!

Learn more about our experience as lighthouse keepers via my wife’s blog. Molly regularly writes articles for Lake Superior magazine and better describes our experience in words than me!

However, here is the magic of a Crisp Point night in photos … from sunset to sunrise! (access photos directly via Flickr)

Here are two still images / excerpts from the slide show. The Northern Lights shined upon us our second night at Crisp Point, but only after a gorgeous sunset!
Crisp Point Lighthouse Magical Night 01 Sunset Crisp Point Lighthouse Magical Night 08 Northern Lights

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