Duluth Area Ducks! Synchronized Flight!

In the past few days I am starting to see the early stages of duck migration through the Duluth area. Capturing these two ring-necked ducks were definitely the highlight of the morning’s birding adventures. The forecast calls for a northeast wind and rain tomorrow. Our long string of gorgeous days may finally be at an end, but it has been great.

I actually went looking for hawks this morning, but although movement was slow, other bird species picked up the slack!

Ring Necked Ducks
Y2-M09-Ring-Necked-Ducks-6 Y2-M09-Ring-Necked-Ducks-2 Y2-M09-Ring-Necked-Ducks-5


Flickers x2!
Y2-M09-Flicker-Duo-1 Y2-M09-Flicker-Duo-2


Palm Warbler


Peak-a-Boo Blue Jay

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