Snow Geese: Blue and White Morphs!

A small flock of snow geese greeted my return from Europe! I knew from reading MOU posts that the Arctic birds were migrating though northern Minnesota, and I went out birding this morning in the hope of finding some feathered friends which were a bit unusual in terms of migrating through our area. I was rewarded with finding a flock of six snow geese on the Two Harbors golf course which included three distinct color variations among the birds (see below): Blue Morphs and White Morphs, and one mixed color bird. Very cool!

My travels this morning also yielded some bald eagles feasting on road kill, but I struck out on my search for an early season snowy owl. It was a good morning.

Snow Geese Morph Phases
Y2-M10-Snow-Geese-1 Y2-M10-Snow-Geese-2 Y2-M10-Snow-Geese-3 Y2-M10-Snow-Geese-4


Bald Eagle

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