The Beauty of Remote Birding!

Some folks may wonder why I enjoy an unsuccessful birding expedition. The answer is easy. While it might make better birding sense to travel over to the Sax-Zim Bog where although not crowded, I would have more eyes helping me spot rare winter birds, that is often not my choice. This morning, as the temperature bottomed out at -16F (-26.67C) I explored the wilderness region inland from Lake Superior and northwest of Two Harbors. My primary road was, and is in fact about the only road that splits this remote forest, Rossini Road.

Take a look at my two photographs. The first image was taken before I turned inland about 20 minutes before sunrise near the Talmadge River on Lake Superior. The second picture was taken along Rossini Road. For most of my 70 mile drive, I saw no one. Life is good, and beautiful!

Sea Smoke Pre-Dawn Light


Rossini Road Flocked Pines

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Remote Birding!

    1. Thanks, Teresa. We had a couple of wet snows right before Christmas, and it has been a winter wonderland ever since!

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