Snow Squall Pileated Woodpecker Video

While resting in our window seat after yesterday’s Mora Vasaloppet, I looked out into the woods that surround our house and … the pileated woodpeckers had decided to join me for lunch! Quickly throwing on a jacket, hat and gloves I went outside with my camera. I am really hoping this pair decides to nest in our yard. Regardless, it is fun to have them around. Both the male and female pileated woodpeckers seem to more accepeting of my presence. I spent almost 30 minutes with them outdoors!

Male Pileated Woodpecker Getting Lunch

Pileated Woodpecker Photos in Today’s Snow Squall
Y3-M02-Amity-Creek-Pileated-Woodpecker-01 Y3-M02-Amity-Creek-Pileated-Woodpecker-02 Y3-M02-Amity-Creek-Pileated-Woodpecker-03-closeup Y3-M02-Amity-Creek-Pileated-Woodpecker-04-closeup Y3-M02-Amity-Creek-Pileated-Woodpecker-05 Y3-M02-Amity-Creek-Pileated-Woodpecker-06

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