Old Vermilion Trail Pheasant!

Okay … I changed my mind!! Given this week’s storm, even though I had announced that I had stopped filling the feeders I maintain on Old Vermilion Trail for the winter season, I knew the 10 to 12 inches of heavy new wet stuff would make it difficult for birds to forage on the ground … thus I have kept the feeders filled this week.

Well, yesterday I was treated to nine bald eagles about one mile from the feeders feasting on roadkill, and today this female ring necked pheasant was right under the feeders enjoying sunflower spillage. Life has its rewards!

I actually had suspected this bird was around for some time. A few weeks back I saw a large flash of brownish tan as I pulled up in the car. It also appeared that something other than my two red squirrels had been foraging through the crusty snow. Today I confirmed my suspicions. The pheasant comes in to feed around 8:15 to 8:30 am (an hour after sunrise). On a bright sunny day (not many of those lately), I would expect it would appear earlier. If you wish to learn the location of the feeders, including directions and a map (15 miles north of Duluth), see this web page on my blog.

Female Ringed-Necked Pheasant
Y3-M03-Old-Vermilion-Ring-Necked-Pheasant-1 Y3-M03-Old-Vermilion-Ring-Necked-Pheasant-2

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