The Fine Art of Sheep Dodging by Bike!

Molly and I both had the opportunity to practice a new skill during today’s ride … the fine art of Sheep dodging. While biking uphill, in fact way uphill into a p-Scottish Highland valley where we are spending the night, we often found our way forward blocked by the local residents!

Down by the sea, families were out and about enjoying the fine weather. Mr. and Mrs. Gray Goose watched over the kids. (even though rare to see in the Duluth area … believe this family might be Greater White-Fronted Geese).

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Molly’s impressions of our trip via her blog:

Our daily bike trip diary via Crazy Guy on a Bike:

Photographs: (edited after returning home … real bird names added)

  1. The fine art of Sheep dodging on a bike
  2. A Scottish Highlands vista. Will eventually climb the mountain in the distance
  3. Gray Goose Family 1 (Graylag Geese)
  4. Gray Goose Family 2 (Graylag Geese)
  5. Our route through yesterday … 451 miles biked … not flat!



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