Suomi Sunrise! (Common Loon Chicks)

I have a small cabin in the Suomi Hills region of northern Minnesota. One unusual fact about my lake, Northstar Lake, it is the first body of water that flows north to Hudsons Bay. The continental divide is just a few miles to our south. Yesterday morning I went out onto the lake at sunrise to visit with the Common Loon family. Over the past few weeks I have let this family grow accustomed to me and learn that I am not a threat. Thus, it was a treat to spend time with the young family at dawn. At times the loons with their chicks would swim over to within 15 yards of where I floated motionless in my boat. Here are some of my best photos. It was a magical early morning (5:30 am) with the Common Loons of NorthStar Lake. I don’t think they are common at all!

Y3-M06-Northstar-Lake-Common-Loon-02-Family-Swim Y3-M06-Northstar-Lake-Common-Loon-03-Family-Swim Y3-M06-Northstar-Lake-Common-Loon-06-Family-Swim Y3-M06-Northstar-Lake-Common-Loon-07-Piggyback Y3-M06-Northstar-Lake-Common-Loon-08-Piggyback-Feeding Y3-M06-Northstar-Lake-Common-Loon-10-Piggyback-Feeding Y3-M06-Northstar-Lake-Common-Loon-12-Feeding Y3-M06-Northstar-Lake-Common-Loon-13-Piggyback-Feeding

2 thoughts on “Suomi Sunrise! (Common Loon Chicks)

  1. Super loon photos, Rich! Thanks for sharing them and for not disturbing these beauties of God’s creation!

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