Spotted Sandpiper!

Sometimes a bird poses in the perfect location, waits for you to capture a good photograph, but not very often! Today, was one of those days when a bird seemed to want its picture taken. I found some Spotted Sandpipers on the Duluth waterfront, and was amazed how long one bird held its position such that I could really optimize my camera settings on a lower light morning. In addition, this sandpiper posed on top of a rock with some yellow flowers in the background. Wish all days were like today!

For those of you who know where the abandoned pier is located directly across from the C. Reiss Coal Company. I think the sandpiper has a nest near the closed off road to the pier which is immediately to the west.

Spotted Sandpiper Chirping

Spotted Sandpiper Still Images
Y3-M07-Spotted-Sandpiper-2 Y3-M07-Spotted-Sandpiper-1

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