Wedding Bells & Birds

The opportunities for birding have been limited over the past week. Saturday saw all the Hoegs and Reniers gathered to celebrate the marriage of Erik and Katie. However, although the bride had every free moment scheduled for the bridal party including both sets of parents, she did leave me free from 6 to 7 am! Thus, I was able to steal a few birding minutes after a drive to a local park in the Minneapolis area. Perhaps the moments of solitude were more important than the birding! Thankfully, the wedding was beautiful, and the happy couple is now winging their way to Hawaii.

The Sibling Choir!
(The brother & sisters gave this special gift to the bride and groom, their siblings).

Erik and Katie’s Wedding Vows!

A Special Moment!

A Bird! (Green Heron at Dawn … Plymouth Wetlands)Y3-M07-Wedding-Green-Heron-3

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