A Northern Night to Remember! Aurora Borealis Dance!

The forecast was perfect last night … a G2 Aurora Borealis Watch, No Moon & Clear Skies. Thus, I made the decision to drive 70 miles north of Duluth to the Isabella area. Not only is this area remote, within a few miles of the Canadian border, but it borders the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) and is DARK! For 90 minutes I sat on a dock on a remote lake, waiting and hoping. The “Green Glow” was present, but I wanted a solar storm with light spikes. Shortly before midnight I was rewarded, and the Northern Lights continued to dance until dawn. I took the opportunity to check out some locations at which I had been wanting to try night photography. Here are the results … (also took some nice Milky Way photographs … will post those tomorrow)

Waiting … Selfie Under the Green Glow – Shallow Lake (12 miles NW of Isabella)

The Aurora starts to Dance! (Shallow Lake)
Isabella-Northern-Lights-Shallow-Lake-18 Isabella-Northern-Lights-Shallow-Lake-13 Isabella-Northern-Lights-Shallow-Lake-11-Boat Isabella-Northern-Lights-Shallow-Lake-09 Isabella-Northern-Lights-Shallow-Lake-07-Boat

The Pagami Creek Wildfire Region (BWCA / Tomahawk Road 18 miles from Mn. Hwy #1)

Had been wanting to check out this entry point to the BWCA. A huge forest fire burned through this area in 2011. The forest is experiencing a rebirth. I often bird here, and had wanted to try some night photography. Mist is rolling in.

Isabella-Northern-Lights-Pagami-Creek-Wildfire-8-Bridge Isabella-Northern-Lights-Pagami-Creek-Wildfire-6-Bridge Isabella-Northern-Lights-Pagami-Creek-Wildfire-5-Bridge Isabella-Northern-Lights-Pagami-Creek-Wildfire-2-Bridge

Greenwood Lake Boat Access (Lake Cty #2)

Watch the sunrise, or the Northern Lights? Decisions, Decisions. Why not watch both! Given I desperately needed some sleep, I had actually pulled the car over at this boat launch shortly before 4 am because I desperately need some sleep, but God thought otherwise!

Isabella-Northern-Lights-Greenwood-Lake-Sunrise-4 Isabella-Northern-Lights-Greenwood-Lake-Sunrise-2-Selfie


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