Bicycling Under the Aurora Borealis

Yesterday Molly and I finished 1,371 miles of self-supported bicycle touring which found us riding along the shores of Lakes Superior, Huron and Michigan.  We were on our bikes for 33 days and during that period we never, not even once:

  • Watched any TV
  • Listened to a Radio
  • Rode in a Car

I will admit we bring tablets along in our panniers, which we use to keep in touch with the world and upon which we download lots of books from our library. Imagine if you can what it is like to disconnect from the normal media and transportation methods and see America at 12 mph. (read my daily trip bike diary)

Perhaps my favorite experience from the entire trip was watching the Northern Lights out over Lake Huron. I only had 30 minutes before the moon came up and washed out the dancing lights with its brightness. I only wished I had thought to insert my bicycle into a photograph before the display was dying down. Still, it’s a neat picture. The location is Drummond Island on Lake Superior, but not too far from the Straits of Mackinac and Lake Superior.

Aurora Borealis by Bicycle

Our Final Route … we started and finished in Milwaukee

One thought on “Bicycling Under the Aurora Borealis

  1. What a wonderful journey! I’ve just ‘returned’ to bicycling after many years and am inspired by your undertaking.

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