Arctic Bird of the Day: Long-Tailed Duck!

Given a cool, drab December afternoon, and reports that snowy owls might have arrived here on the Arctic Riviera (Duluth, Minnesota), I took a long walk on the waterfront looking for the white owl. Each winter, snowies find our “tundra like” areas next to the St. Louis River the perfect place to take a winter vacation.

Alas, now a snowy owl was to be found, but I did find another Arctic visitor, the Long-Tailed Duck! Actually, I find this particular duck harder to find than snowy owls. Thus, I was very pleased. Now, if I could only have some sunshine and refind these ducks for a photoshot, but I’m afraid that is too much to ask!

Long-Tailed Duck & some “Eyes”

One of these Ducks is an Impostor! Synchronized Golden-Eye Swimming.

Flowers on December 3rd in Northern Minnesota? Strange but True.
(I am 60 years old, and I have never before seen a wildflower blooming in December)

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