3 Bears and a Baby!

There ARE things more important that birding in life! Eh gads … this sounds sacrilegious! Thankfully I have my priorities straight in life, and am enjoying some time off from hiking and photographing the Northwoods to greet my fourth grandchild, Maren Hoeg!

My granddaughter is enjoying a few winks surrounded by three generations of “Hoeg Bears”.

  • The smallest and oldest bear, Tommy Bear, was given to me on the day I was born by my Dad some sixty years ago …
  • The middle bear, Mr. Bear, I gave to my son, Carl, on the day he was born some thirty years ago …
  • The youngest and biggest bear, yet to be named in the future by Maren, was given to her by my son Carl (her father) on her “birth day” last Thursday!


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