The Robins of Frostbite Falls

Yesterday was January 19th, a day in northern Minnesota when the normal average high is 20F. Instead, we topped out at 45F. Just one week ago the morning temperature was -20F. In short, this region is NOT an area where robins should be found in the winter. However, over the past week hundreds of robins have been seen in Duluth and along the north shore of Lake Superior. The photograph shown below was one bird out of a flock of 20 robins which I found foraging on some open grounds next to Lake Superior. I guarantee there are no worms to be found as the frost line is two feet deep in the soil. Thus, I have no idea what these birds were eating. It is worth noting that ten miles inland from the big lake there are two feet of snow on the ground, but not next to Lake Superior.

The other unusual aspect of this photograph is that I was birding by bicycle. My bike is a touring bike, not a winter fat tire bike. My cycling clothes will not keep me warm in the middle of winter; thus, I do not remember taking a bike ride in January. Strange.

Finally, here is one more photograph from my visit with a Snowy Owl earlier this week.

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