Owl Drink to That! Trifecta!

Over the past three days I’ve gotten close and personal to three different species of owls: a Northern Hawk Owl, a Snowy Owl, and a Great Gray Owl. I was actually quite happy with seeing the very rare Northern Hawk Owl over the weekend, but when I discovered a Great Gray Owl hunting along the North Shore of Lake Superior a few minutes after sunrise this morning, it ended the perfect owling adventure. I believe I now know each owl’s winter hunting habits, which means it should be possible to revisit each bird during February.

Great Gray Owl Hunts at Dawn near Lake Superior

A Snowy Owl Hunts at Sunset

A Northern Hawk Owl in the Evening Light

One thought on “Owl Drink to That! Trifecta!

  1. We had a Snowy in our back yard a couple years back. It got one of the bunnies that visit our yard and it was phenomenal. I was so excited to see this owl I shaking. I ran upstairs and woke my husband (it was 4 am) and said I don’t want to wake you but you have to see this. Of course he got up immediately. We watched that owl for a long while. I love birds and owls are so fascinating. How exciting for you. Love your work by the way.

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