Platte River Migration Honking Good Time! (video)

Hmmm … I tried to count snow geese this afternoon flying over head near the banks of the Platte River. Gave up after about 10,000! For over 15 minutes, successive waves of V’s flew overhead as they migrated north. Would not be surprised if I saw over 100,000! Awe inspiring. Oh yes, the official count of Sandhill Cranes according to the Crane Center is 460,000! Uff dah. If you are into peace and quiet this is not a place to visit. Add all the honking geese to the honking cranes … whole lot of honking going on!!!

These two photos are from earlier in the day. Most of the surrounding ponds were iced over except this bit of water. The snow geese, greater white fronted geese, Ross’ Geese and Canada Geese filled the air and water. Most of the birds (i.e. thousands and thousands) were out in farm fields eating.

Geese Filled the Sky!

Geese Filled the Water!

And a short video …

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