Apple Blossoms for Breakfast (and other fine stories)

Now that the birding migration is pretty much over, I have changed my tactics. During the migration, birds came to me as they migrated “to” and “through” the Northland. Now I have to go find the birds. This task is not too difficult, and my some of my favorite birding locations early in the mating season are the northwest Wisconsin wetlands:

  • Roy Johnson Wetlands & Grasslands (near Cloverland, Wisconsin)
  • McQuarrie Wetlands (near Wrenshall, Minnesota … but in Wisconsin)

Now on to the birds … I for one did not know Cedar Waxwings actually eat apple blossoms! I thought these birds were eating bugs off the blossoms, but I watched for ten minutes as the waxwings bit off and chewed blossoms completely!

The day before in the rain, but still in the Roy Johnson Wetlands I found lots of other “first birds” for the year.

Red Headed Woodpecker

Meadowlark and Wilson Snipe

This morning I visited the McQuarrie Wetlands, and had both this Baltimore Oriole, and a pair of Common Loons pose nicely for my camera.

Wisconsin Wetlands Map

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