Red Headed Woodpecker!

I have been having fun this summer watching Red Headed Woodpeckers over in the Cloverland / Wisconsin Grasslands region just off Wisc. Hwy #13. As this kind of woodpecker is rarely seen in Boreal forests near my home in Northeastern Minnesota, the 35 mile drive to Cloverland is always fun and worthwhile given the different habitat and birds I experience.

This morning I stood at the edge of a swamp and watched this Red Headed Woodpecker at its nest hole. No chicks were present, but they should stick their heads out of the hole any day now. Even better, the bugs were not bad down next to the swamp.

Hugh thanks to Frank Nicoletti and the Wisconsin Breeding Atlas folks. Frank was doing a count for the Atlas and was kind enough to share the location on Green Acres Road.

Watching Over the Home Hole

Bringing Home the Bacon

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