20 Minutes on the Old Stella Jones Pier

Novmber 2017 Update: This industrial area / pier has now been fenced off by the City of Duluth.

After spending hours in the field, some days one gets stumped when birding, but then there are days like this morning. Given I only had 20 minutes to spend at active birding I drove over to the Old Stella Jones Pier in West Duluth. Jackpot! This location can be real good during the spring and fall migrations, particularly for Arctic shorebirds.

My visit started with an immature Bald Eagle which did not seem to mind my presence. It allowed me to be within 50 yards my entire time out on the pier (I was in my car). Next, I had fun watching a Merlin buzz the shorebirds … but the shorebirds kept coming back.

Here are some of the fruits of my labor. To find Old Stella Jones Pier, exit off of I-35 at Central Ave and drive to Waseca Industrial Blvd. Use the map at the bottom of this post. One warning, drive very slowly as you go out onto the pier. There are some HUGE potholes.

Immature Bald Eagle (short hops and checking for crows)

Baird’s Sandpipers

Lesser Yellowlegs

Old Stella Jones Pier

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