Arctic Riviera … Lighthouse Society of America!

I am proud to announce that my “Arctic Riviera” photograph of the Superior Entry Lighthouse (Wisconsin) is the two page feature starting the Great Lakes Region / Chapter in the United States Lighthouse Society‘s new book, Lighthouses of America. The book has only five regions, thus to be one of the five prime photographs starting a chapter / region is a big deal!

It was a very cold day in January when I took the photograph … well below zero with a HUGE wind! The society is a 501C non profit which exists to promote the rich history and save American’s lighthouses.

Here is the Amazon link … still time to order and receive by Christmas! Your order will not affect my compensation. The book is already a #1 Amazon Best Seller!

5 thoughts on “Arctic Riviera … Lighthouse Society of America!

  1. Congrats!
    There was a lovely snowy owl (with a remarkable dark head) on the light post over the Blatnick Bridge about 3:40 headed toward Superior. Hope it stays for a while.

    1. The urban Snowies tend to sit on the ice all day … well camouflaged against the dreaded crows. If it was headed towards Superior I suspect it was headed towards a grain elevator where it could dine on duck, vole or rat! Glad you got to see the Snowy!

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