Year 5 of 365!

This post starts my fifth year of blogging on 365 Days of Birds. While this blog was not my first online effort, my passion is showing through here via myattemps to introduce the reader to the region I call home, the Northland. In my prior life and blog, I was the NorthStarNerd, and while the techie side of me often shows through, the star these days is the wilderness.

Kick back, throw your feet up on the foot stool, and get ready for 2018. Who knows where this journey will lead us, but hopefully it will be both fun and beautiful. To start 2018 for the birds, I focused upon one of my favorite birding subjects, the Hairy Woodpecker. I am not certain the implications of all three photos being moth wide open … even with some tongue … a Bronx cheer?!

One interesting item … this must be a good spot for finding grubs on this tree. The male Hairy Woodpecker chased away the female shortly after it was successful in finding some food.

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