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Please allow me to introduce myself, Rich Hoeg. I live in northern Minnesota on the edge of Duluth across the road from a stream that roars down to Lake Superior, Amity Creek. On my wife’s birthday in 2014 (January 23), I decided to embark upon a year long photography project which combined my love of photography, the outdoors, and birds. For an entire year, no matter what the condtions or where I was located, I had to photograph at least one bird every single day. My hope was to improve my photography skills while at the same time providing enjoyment for both myself and my readers.

Although my year long bird photography project ended on January 23, 2015, my love of birding and photography is unending! Thus, this web site marches on!

Some Quick Notes:

  • I am not a professional birder or photographer … just an enthusiast in both arenas!
  • My cameras are a Canon SX60 and a Sony A6000. I tend to use the Canon for bird photography on bright sunny days and the Sony for landscapes.
  • I have co-published a beginning reader’s / young children’s book which introduces that special child to nature and birds, But That Is Not Me!
  • Try out the free Minnesota Birding News app I developed!

My Photos Indexes:

Where I like to bird and photograph:

Are you visiting my area?

  • I am not a professional birding guide, but if your schedule and desires match my own, I might be able to show you around the Northland. I will not take pay for my accompanying you on any birding / photography excursions, but I would expect you to share expenses.
  • I am a volunteer naturalist at the Sax-Zim Bog Visitor Center, one of the premier winter birding areas in North America.
  • My email address: RichardHoeg {at} GMail.Com

Some Non Birding Stuff …

  • Professional Background: I am a retired software nerd. You may learn more about that phase of my life via my LinkedIn profile. If you are involved with a non-profit, and if your organization’s goals match my personal interests, I am often willing to help w/o charge your group using my knowledge of software and the web .
  • Destination Duluth: I am board chair of the non profit Destination Duluth civic organization which promotes the city and area I love.
  • Bicycle Touring: My wife and I love to take long self-supported bike tours.  Our longest trip was a two month, 2500 mile journey through New England and the Canadian Maritimes. My trip journals may be found on the Crazy Guy of a Bike Portal.
  • Nordic Skiing: In the winter you will find me skiing and racing throughout the Northland. I often wear a GoPro to record races.
  • The Better Half! I’ve been happily married to Molly for over 30 years. We are blessed with three kids, their spouses, and an increasing number of grandchildren. Molly in her retirement writes for Lake Superior Magazine, and maintains her own blog, Superior Footprints.

18 thoughts on “About Me: Richard Hoeg

  1. Dear Mr. Hoag,

    I love your photographs. Can you tell me where the “dock” pictures were taken? I think I will be up your way next June or July, and my family would be beside themselves if we could go somewhere with a chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Can you please let me know? Thanks so much. Gina M. Miller

    1. The Northern Lights “dock” photographs were taken on Northstar Lake, which is about 30 miles north of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Reach out to me via email, and let me know where you might stay. I know many good Aurora viewing spots around northeastern Minnesota. You will find my email address on this “about me” page.

  2. Hello Richard, I just purchased the Canon SX60 and am learning to use it. When you take pictures of birds with the zoom, do you use the auto feature or manual? I have feeders on my deck but seem to have a problem getting the camera to focus on the birds consistently – sort of hit and miss.
    I really enjoy your excellent photos and glad that I found your webpage as it is an inspiration to me.

    1. I never use auto, and depending upon conditions either use aperture or shutter priority. In addition, I have the camera set to use a “focus” point. I often set the ISO manually and limit it to 400, which insures better quality images. Finally, I always use continuous shutter such that I take 4 to 8 images at once.

      Taking photos through a window can be tough because less light gets into the caMera than being outside. Having said that, I definitely take occasional photographs through windows. Use of a monopoly is very, very helpful. As you zoom out without the use of a monopoly, even though you think you are holding the camera steady, you are not. Think stabilization which will allow you to use the slower shutter speeds required on cloudy days, and still get some good results. By slower shutter speeds, I never want to have an Exposure slower than 1/200th of a second.

  3. Rich,

    It was a great pleasure to talk to you today’s morning at Three Pond park in Plymouth…
    I am very impressed with your website and blogs. But, even more, I admire the lifestyle you are maintaining in your ‘early’ retirement.

    I am at crossroads in my fifteen month job search , and looking at you, I am beginning to think that there is more life left after the end of professional career….

    Vitaly & dog Charlie

    1. Vitaly … it was great meeting and talking with you this morning. The next time you work yourself up towards northern Minnesota and Duluth, please contact me. My wife and I would love to have you over for a beer, cold glass of wine, or some pop! Will send you my email address. Was also fun meeting “dog Charlie”!

      1. Your pictures are super fabulous! They are absolutely gorgeous! I will be visiting my daughter in Minnesota roughly Aug. 11 through the 14. Will we be able to see any lights during that time?

        Thanks so much for your help.

        1. Assuming you will be in northern Minnesota, then the answer is maybe. As of today on August 1st it is really too difficult to predict reliable displays of the Northern Lights. When you arrive in Minnesota, use the tools on my web page … particularly the 3 day out forecast, and the next 20 minutes (Ovation Aurora). Good luck.

  4. It has been a long time since we talked. Quite a career change on your part! I have moved to Colorado after Sue passed away several years ago, living about a mile from my daughter Rebecca. I met a native Coloradan a while ago, we built a house overlooking the mountains last year and are getting married in just a little over a month. The kids are all doing well and I have 5 grandchildren so far. I have a quite a bit of information on facebook if you’re interested.

  5. It was a pleasure meeting y’all this morning on the climb out of Flat Creek. My son said he got to meet you, too. I wish I had known you’re birders as we are members of a bird banding and migration study organization. We are entering the peak of migration season in Central Texas and there are lots of cool birds in the region. I hope you get to see many.

    Safe travels!


  6. Rich,
    Excellent work but I would expect that from you! Looks like you are truly enjoying what you are doing!

  7. Dear Mr. Hoeg,
    I am the admin on a blog website for the City of Superior, and am currently working with teachers and administrators of the Superior School District to publish information about our schools, their programs, and of course students. Rick Flaherty, Principal of Superior Middle School, sent me an article about snowy owls that have been frequenting the trees and scoreboards around the school. He would like to use a photo you took of an owl perched on the softball scoreboard outside the Middle School. He mentions you by name in the article and credits you beneath the photo. I am contacting you to ask for permission to use your photo. Once the post goes live, I would be happy to send you a direct link to the page.
    Thank you,
    Doug Dalager

  8. Richard, with your permission, I would like to use some of your American Birkie photos in a post. I write for the Apple Award business blog – Apple Award is one of the Birkie sponsors in Hayward, Wisconsin. I grew up just a few miles from the Birkie Trail and have followed it’s progress for years. You have some great photos of the 2013 race and I’d like to use a few just to plug this year’s race on our website. If it’s okay I will be sure to give you credit. Reply to my email or 941 301-6411. Thanks.

  9. Got the birding info from your annual Hoeg Herald, sent to my sister Gert.
    Great photos, most interesting. If any of your photos were taken in Wisconsin,
    I might suggest you submit them to the “Our Wisconsin” magazine, it is a great
    publication. Strangely, my wife Di and I are volunteers at a Wisc. State Park
    at Whitewater Lake, where we are hosts from May thru Oct., and live there in
    our motor home. Our best to you and Molly for the coming year.

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